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Taking good care of our grandparents

By Aforsah Godfred / Published on Thursday, 27 Oct 2016 03:57 AM / No Comments


We continue the discussion with providing well balanced meals all the time for our oldies.

It is very necessary to ensure that old folks are given healthy well balanced meals all the time. Food should come from a variety of sources that will ensure that all nutrients are got all the time.

Tea should always have some low fat or skimmed milk added, and it should necessarily be taken with bread.

Stews and soups should be taken with some amount of meat, fish or egg. Too much will be bad so care should be taken.

Include fruits on a daily basis. Soft fruits are preferred so as to prevent the hustle of tearing and chewing.

Adequate water should be drunk throughout the day to ensure that they are well hydrated.

Need for regular medical check ups

Take your old parents for a general medical checkup at least once in a year. By so doing conditions like increasing blood sugar levels, increasing blood pressure, increasing blood uric acid levels, increasing blood cholesterol levels; can be detected early and managed before they develop into debilitating diseases like diabetes, hypertension, stroke, arthritis and gout.

When the oldies have these conditions and diseases, the younger ones should take very good care of themselves. This will help prevent becoming sick like your father or mother when you grow up.

There could be a genetic link that’s why I’m giving you this piece of advise.

Help them with medications 

These oldies can hardly see prescriptions on their medicine packs so they need help with them. Where they can even see and know how much medicine to take, they may not be able to remember the times they are supposed to be taking these medicines.

Somebody definitely has to be around to assist them, especially those on medications for life-long chronic diseases. It is even better to go to the hospital with them.

Some exercise is needed

Some physical activity is necessary for the oldies as well. Due to the fact that their bone becomes fragile and can easily break with age, activities like; jogging, running, jumping, skipping rope may not be advisable for them.

You can assist them to walk within the compound in the house, those who are not so frail and weak can reach the fridge for their own drinking water anytime of the day.

They should sit up for a while after meals before lying down.

Exercise is very key to their health and well-being.

The writer is a dietician at Trust Hospital and author of “Diet, Health & Wellness Book” and “Answers for your diet”. For copies contact: Tel- 0244090262,, Whatsapp: 0244090262.

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